Quail Hunting Schedule

Quail Hunting Schedule at Burnt Pine in Georgia


The dogs have done their job, now it’s up to you


Call Brian at (706) 557-0407 or e-mail brian@burntpine.com for reservations

The closest major Quail Hunting Preserve to the Atlanta Metro market and Atlanta’s Jackson Hartsfield Airport. Explosive covey rises coupled with outstanding dog work makes for a perfect quail hunting day at Burnt Pine Plantation. Season: Oct 1-March 31.  Unlike some other quail plantations we ONLY hunt two hunters with ONE Guide, unless requested otherwise by the client.  In our experience, it’s not as much fun sitting on the buggy as it is actually hunting quail!

Georgia Shooting Preserves are usually modeled after a day at Burnt Pine Plantation. Most customers, if they haven’t spent the previous night at the lodge, arrive in time for a hearty southern style breakfast. Afterwards you will be introduced to your guide, and he will escort you to the clay target range. There you will have a shooting warm up, and gun check. Prior to the hunt he will give a mandatory safety and hunter etiquette talk. Now it’s off to the field for some bird hunting action. We generally hunt with two men with one guide, which unlike other shooting preserves, means you are always hunting and not just waiting in a hunting buggy. Guides carry four to six well trained dogs on the vehicle, having two on the ground at one time. There are plenty of birds in the enhanced cover so there are plenty of coveys to bust and singles to follow up. At the mid-point of the hunt, your guide will switch out dogs, putting fresh ones down. That’s also a time to replenish your shell supply and grab a refreshing drink. You will return to the lodge at about 12 noon for lunch. Afternoon hunts usually start at 2PM and generally follow the same program as a morning hunt, finishing about 5PM. When you return from an afternoon hunt there will be hors d’oeuvres to be enjoyed and the bar will be open.

Hopefully you are spending the night at the lodge as it’s a perfect way to cap off a day of great quail hunting. The dining room will have been transformed and set up for a fine dining experience. You will find the food, wine, and service on par with any up-market restaurant.

For a very special hunting day try a Mixed Bag Hunt. When the dogs go on point you never know what about to explode from the cover.

Double Limits this fall through December 21st.  Double limits are available Saturdays through Wednesdays and an overnight stay is required


Need something special on your visit to Burnt Pine? It could be anything from special food or dietary requirements, to allergies we should know about, or maybe its a special preference in drinks in the bar. We can arrange airport transportation for your visit as well. We want to make your visit to Burnt Pine special and hassle free; if it’s legal we will give it a try. Contact martin@burntpine.com or (706) 557-0407