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 Our customer service at Burnt Pine is legendary, and providing “Good Times” is our specialty.

Get a jump on the season book a Continental hunt in September

Dog with rooster

If you are bringing a mixed group of seasoned hunters with some new ones mixed in, this is the safest hunt we offer and it’s the best value.

Money back guarantee on Continental hunts if not completely satisfied.

specia25Hunters are placed in the 10 blinds surrounding a tower from which the pheasants are released. (Up to 20 guns can participate) The blinds are in varied open and wooded rolling terrain. The hunters are then rotated, so that each hunter will get a chance to shoot from each blind. 15 birds are released each round. The degree of shooting skill required will very from blind to blind. The historic average is a 56% recovery, while each shooter goes through 3-4 boxes of shells. It’s kind of like a dove hunt, except the birds are bigger and faster.

You will also get a chance to see some of the best Labrador retrievers in Georgia go into action, retrieving the downed birds. P.S. It’s the best hunting value at the Plantation!
Scheduled hunts: Call for dates (706) 557-0407


It’s like hunting in South Dakota, but closer to home


Join us the day after a Continental hunt and do a scratch walk up hunt for the escapees from the previous day. In addition to the pheasants, you may bump into a covey of quail or two. The hunt is $169 per gun, and you pay $20.99 per pheasant harvested and $9.10 for each quail. Guides, dogs, and transportation included. It’s a lot of fun, and you will think you are hunting in South Dakota, except there is no limit!