Deer Hunting Clients have been successfully harvesting great whitetail deer for the past 45 years at Burnt Pine. The Plantation is located in the Piedmont Region of Georgia where the big whitetails live. Persistent quality management and keen trophy judgment on our hunters’ part has been the key to our success over the years. We offer semi guided three & four day deer hunts that put you in the right locations to harvest that dream trophy buck. Most afternoon/evenings are spent in elevated shooting houses overlooking green agriculture food plots. These are where the does congregate to feed and the bucks follow. The mornings are spent sitting in elevated tree stands overlooking well scouted trails or travel corridors. Meals, lodging, and field transportation are all part of the package. Find our more about our Georgia Deer Hunting Trips…


Quail hunting at Burnt Pine closely replicates wild bird hunting. We plant cover that you would typically expect to find while wild bird hunting. Couple that with specially grown explosive birds and you have the perfect recipe for a great hunt. Quail hunting is now our biggest draw. Large coveys, excellent bird dogs, and seasoned guides allow us to be ranked in the top tier of all shooting preserves in the south. Couple that with outstanding accommodations and food you don’t need to look any farther than an hour east of Atlanta. In addition we offer great pheasant and chucker hunts for mixed bag combinations. Visit once and you will be a customer for life. Find our more about our Quail Hunting Trips…


We offer a limited number of bird memberships each season for those who want to save money or plan to do enough hunting to make a 300 or 500 bird commitments feasible. Our corporate members have found our monthly billing system very efficient and hassle free. When it comes to entertaining clients or employees there isn’t a better venue for orchestrating a quality time then the Plantation. Join our version of a “Frequent Flyer” program today. Find our more about our Bird Membership Specials…


You will enjoy pheasant hunting at the Plantation whether you are participating in a Continental shoot, walk up hunt, or as part of a mixed bag experience. With our generous limits, great dog work on all pheasant hunts, it’s always a fun time. Pheasants don’t readily domesticate so they behave like pheasants found anywhere. The Continental hunts are the best hunting value at the Plantation, and the subsequent “Clean-Up Hunts” are very exciting as you never know what species is about to explode from the point. Traditional walk up pheasant hunts are the real thing, just a heck of a lot closer than South Dakota. Find our more about our Pheasant Hunting Trips..


Turkey’s thrive in our great habitat at the Plantation! We limit the number of hunters each season to insure successful high quality hunts year after year. The hunts are fully guided with accommodations, great food, and field transportation. Over the years we have enjoyed a very high success rate for big gobblers. Join us for a two day hunt, but please book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Find our more about our Turkey Hunting Trips..


Five Stand Sporting Clays is the Plantations newest shooting sports activity. With the addition of a state of the art Five Stand operation you can enjoy shooting at the Plantation all year long. It’s very challenging, and because of the almost infinite number of target presentations it’s never boring. There isn’t a better way to stay in shooting shape. We offer many special pricing options; one of them will surely suit you needs. In addition there is a fully stocked pro-shop for ammunition and accessories. The season is always open on clay birds at Burnt Pine. Find our more about our Clay Shooting Specials..


A few years ago we decided to create a perfect environment for big bass. We killed off the big lake, and then introduced shad as our forage fish. Later we introduced F1 strain Florida Largemouth female only bass. With no reproduction and competition for food, the “gals” have grown to trophy size. It’s now common to catch eight to ten pound plus bass. Subsequently we have re-stocked the lake with additional one and a half – two pound fish, so there is always action. It’s all catch and release and reservations are required. Find our more about our Fishing Trips..