Pheasant Hunting

A New Meaning to Early Bird Special

We will start hunting pheasants on September 8th, 2019  Call for details, or e mail

Dog with rooster


The Rush of the Flush

Call Brian at (706) 557-0407 or e-mail for reservations

Pheasant Hunting one-hour east of Atlanta

Pheasant hunting that’s close to home in Georgia. You can experience the “Rush of the Flush” without traveling to South Dakota. Excellent dog work combined with explosive rushes and that wonderful cackling sound that the roosters make sets you up to experience a perfect bird hunting day. Plus, you aren’t limited to just three birds! Each year we go to great lengths to make sure we have suitable pheasant cover and to also provide food for carry over birds. Your will be hunting in typical Soil Bank type cover, just closer to home. The limit is 8 birds per gun on a half day hunt. Want more pheasant action try a Pheasant Continental Hunt or a Continental Clean-up Hunt

Most customers, if they haven’t spent the previous night at the lodge, arrive in time for a hearty southern style breakfast. Afterwards you will be introduced to your guide, and he will escort you to the clay target range. There you will have a shooting warm up, and gun check. Prior to the hunt he will give a mandatory safety and hunter etiquette talk. Now it’s off to the field for some pheasant hunting action. We generally hunt with two men with one guide. Guides carry four to six well trained dogs on the vehicle, having two on the ground at one time. There are plenty of pheasants in the enhanced cover so there are plenty of flushes. At the mid-point of the hunt, your guide will switch out dogs, putting fresh ones down. That’s also a time to replenish your shell supply and grab a refreshing drink. You will return to the lodge at about 12 noon for lunch. Afternoon hunts usually start at 2PM and generally follow the same program as a morning hunt, finishing about 5PM. When you return from an afternoon hunt there will be hors d’oeuvres to be enjoyed and the bar will be open.

For a very special hunting day try a Mixed Bag Hunt. When the dogs go on point you never know what about to explode from the cover.